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"Viva Las Vegas!", " It's Vegas Baby!" and
now "
I Love Las Vegas!"

Welcome to my site " I Love Las Vegas! "which is all dedicated to Las Vegas with her beautiful Hotels & Casinos and not to forget the stunning Natural Parks in the area, like: Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire and don't forget the Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas is to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, the most favorite holiday destination in the world.
On may 15th 2005, Las Vegas celebrated her 100th birthday and during that time, this hot desert city has grown to be one off the biggest gamble- and entertainment capital in the world!

This neon city welcomes millions of visitors yearly, who can, 24 / 7, enjoy this fantastic city. Las Vegas, located in the state Nevada, by the tourists primarily known because of her huge Hotels and Casinos, where, next to gambling, one can also enjoy the hotels themselves, the different shows, stores and other attractions. Even with all these millions of visitors, you never have to fear that, during your visit, you won't be able to find a hotel room, for there are more than 140,000 rooms in Las Vegas and in it's area you can find another 20,000.

At the moment, in Las Vegas, there are 15 of the 20 biggest hotels in the world. The most of these mega-hotels are located on Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as The Strip, the most important street in Las Vegas. These hotels, annex gambling palaces, are built based on a theme and/or city.

Most European poker sites online are three in one gambling sites and offer uk casinos, online sports books and poker under the same umbrella.

When you walk The Strip, you will end up seeing hotels that form replicas of cities like Paris, New York, Monte Carlo or Venice, that have fabulous names like: Bellagio, Treasure Island or Mandalay Bay, or that breathe the atmosphere of the Roman Times or Ancient Egypt.

In the category "Hotels in Las Vegas" you can find more information about the hotels and also the possibility to book your favorite hotel online right away.
Don't forget to check the Hot Deals Las Vegas Hotels!!

In the category "Viva Las Vegas" you will find even more information about Las Vegas and all the things you can see and do in this beautiful city. Think of shopping, concerts, shows, weddings, attractions, sport games and of course gambling.

Las Vegas is a gambling Mecca. Almost every resort, hotel has a casino where you can gamble 24/7.
Like the hotels, the casino's are enormous.
Some casino's have more then 2500 slots. UK slots players might find that Las Vegas offers a different variation of games, mainly powered by WMS and IGT instead of online giants such as Microgaming.

You can bet your money at Roulette, Race & Sport Book,  Blackjack, play poker, Baccarat, Craps, Bingo or play at the numerous different slot machines or play poker in one of the many poker rooms in Las Vegas. In most casinos you have every day a poker tournament.

You can spend your money in Las Vegas casinos or in a online casino and perhaps you hit the Jackpot $$$.
Now you have enough money to buy stocks in your favorite casino.
Looking for Casino Stocks!?

If you like exciting online casino games, generous bonuses, exciting fun and non-stop winning then you definitely need to visit this site. Your online gaming experience will never be the same again.

That there's lots to do you can also find in the category "Things to do in Las Vegas" Of course Las Vegas is very beautiful on its own but don't forget, if you have time for it, to visit the Hoover Dam or one or more of the following, stunning Natural Parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley Zion, Red Rock Canyon, Glen Canyon, Valley of Fire, Mount Charleston or Antelope Canyon.
In the category "Leaving Las Vegas", you'll find more info and photos about this.

I'm looking for photo's, postcards, brochures of the old hotels like : Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn, coin jars, chips of those old Vegas hotels are welcome too!!
Do you want to see my Las Vegas collection!?, visit the category: "Wanted!"

Finally, I want to say: Have fun reading this site and I hope that my site contributes to planning your Las Vegas Holiday or to bring back good memories of this great city!

Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas and her beautiful surroundings!

Las Vegas is the Mother City of Gambling.
Canadians love great entertainment and often tend to go online for the best experience when it comes to gambling - even if they are not too far away from Las Vegas!

But you still feel Viva Las Vegas, then maybe take the time and read up on some tips about roulette strategy before hitting to Vegas again.

Viva Las Vegas,

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